Side bar Widget

A side bar widget is the smallest of the three widgets available and by default is 190 pixels wide by 215 pixels high.  Only with a side bar widget do you have the option of   customising the width, which can be set anywhere between 170 and 250 pixels.

To create a side bar widget fill out the fields in the Travelbug widgets screen (as per the below).

  • Title:  The maximum number of characters for the title field is 21.  If this field is left blank the title of the widget will default to “Search Accommodation” however this field can be used to give context to your widget if desired.
  • Region and District:  If a drop down selection is made for either of these fields, the option/s chosen will populate your widget as the default.  If these fields are left blank “All Regions” will populate as the default.
  • Arriving and Departing:  To select a default arriving / departing date check the tick box and select your desired default date.  If these fields are left blank the current day at the time the webpage is loaded will always populate as the default.
  • Secure?:  If the webpage your widget will be embedded on is a secure webpage (https) ensure the “secure” circle is checked.  If the webpage will be a normal page (http) ensure the “normal” circle is checked.
Once you have correctly populated all relevant fields you can hit the “save” button and check the preview widget at the bottom of the page.  As well as updating the preview widget the “save” button will also update the code in the “Add this HTML to your website” box. You are now ready to copy the customised widget code you have created and embed it in your code base.

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