Billing and Payments

Billing and Payments Overview
To view details of payments made to your bank account click on “Billing” in the menu. This will show the bank account details on file and the current outstanding balance. Payments are made to your bank account depending on the date of the booking. We pay bookings on the Thursday after the customer’s arrival.

If you don’t have a bank account loaded yet, BookIt will send you an e-mail when your first payment is due with instructions on how to add your bank account. Please note that you will need to provide confirmation of your bank account number in the form of a printed deposit slip or statement header.

If you need to update your billing details please contact BookIt Support directly.

When a payment is made to your account you will receive a Payment Confirmation Notice via email. This message details the total amount of the payment and gives a breakdown of the line items for the payment (i.e. which bookings the payment relates to).

If you are GST registered the payment confirmation notice also serves as a buyer created invoice. You therefore do not need to send BookIt tax invoices.