This guide shows you the simple steps involved with registering your business on Bookit. Please click here to begin the registration process.

The first thing that you will be prompted to do is enter your contact information and choose your login details. Please note that the login ID cannot contain any spaces.

After you have created this account, you will be taken through the process of setting up your business. Each of these steps is outlined below:

Establishing a new business
Business categories
Contact and address details
Facilities and inclusions
Rate seasons
Review and accept

When you have finished setting up your business you will be prompted to load your products (i.e. a single bookable unit or room type).

Click here for more information on creating bookable product

Once your business is set up on BookIt with valid products and rates it will be approved and monitored by the BookIt team. You can then start accepting confirmed bookings via BookIt’s reseller network and/or take bookings directly via a booking button on your website. If you wish to take bookings through your own website but not the reseller network or set up a private agreement with a particular retail website please contact BookIt Support