Trade Me Travel Auctions

Trade Me Travel Auctions (Accommodation Only)

Trade Me auctions can be automatically created from your BookIt account. Travellers who win auctions will use Travelbug to redeem their auction and make a booking for the value of their winning bid.

This gives you a chance to run auctions for need periods, high-demand periods, interesting packages or anything else and let the system do the work. BookIt will relist for you until the number of auctions you’ve specified has run out. You don’t need to worry about taking payments, sending confirmation emails, or invoicing as Travelbug will take care of all this for you. What’s more, you’ll be able to report on the auctions you’ve run, the number of nights they’ve returned, and the revenue they’ve generated.

How to list a Trade Me auction through BookIt

Step 1 – New Auction Details
Log into BookIt and choose Product Setup.

If you wish to create a new package entirely, choose “Setup a new product” otherwise choose the product that you wish to auction from the list provided and click “Continue”. This will take you to the “New Auction” page.

When you choose a product, the auction name and description will be automatically filled in based on the details that you have loaded for that product. You do have the ability to edit these if necessary. We would recommend that you include the name of your accommodation in the title.

Beneath your title and description, specify your reserve price. The start price will be automatically set to your reserve price.

Enter a buy now price if desired. If you don’t wish to have a buy now, leave the field blank.

The “Buy now” price is the price for which the package can be instantly purchased. If someone clicks the buy now, the auction will end with the buy now price as the winning bid. Once bidding reaches the reserve, the buy now cannot be used.

Under “Product details”, choose the number of nights that you wish to auction and then specify the date range that you want this auction to fall within (e.g. 2 nights anywhere between the 15th and the 22nd of September).

Now select the number of units/rooms available to auction. If you allocate more than 1 unit, the auction will relist automatically after the first auction closes.

The allocated number of rooms must be available to the auction winner for the specified number of nights within the period that you have allocated. For example, if you allocate 3 units for the period of the 18th to the 20th of September, you will need to have 3 rooms that are definitely available for this period.

Lastly on this page, specify your email address for auction notifications and questions. By default, this will be your reservations email address.

When you have completed the process outlined above, click “Continue”.

Step 2 – Images
Use the “Browse‟ button to upload any pictures relevant to your auction. You can upload up to 10 images of up to 3mb each in size. Click “Continue‟ when complete.

While it is possible to bypass this step, we would recommend that you upload one photo at the very least.

Step 3 – Review and Confirm
The final page allows you to preview your auction details and backtrack if necessary via the “Go back‟ button.

You will need to re-confirm the number of rooms that you would like to allocate. Your auction will automatically relist if you have specified more than 1. Please also ensure that you are familiar with the outlined terms of use before you continue.

Once you push the “Continue” button, your auction will be listed in the “Travel, events & activities” category on Trade Me under the “Accommodation” sub-category. Please note that your new auction may take up to 2 hours to appear.