Searching for and Viewing Bookings

Searching for Bookings
Click on Bookings in the menu to view and manage your bookings. In this section you can respond to recent bookings requests and view details of any bookings made.

The initial screen will show you any currently pending booking requests. Click “View” to read and respond to these bookings. See section 6.3 on page 16 for details on how to respond to these bookings.

If you want to find details for a specific booking, or bookings, enter your criteria into the search form and press “CONTINUE”.

Viewing a Booking
Exactly what details you see when viewing a booking depend on the status of the booking at the time. However the main sections you would normally see are:

Dates and Times of Key Events:

Details of the Actual Booking:
This includes customer name, date of booking, services requested, booking status and prices (if you are a supplier viewing a booking made through a reseller the price you see is the NET price).

Payment Details:
If the booking is confirmed or cancelled you can review the amounts you will be paid and when:

Email Log:
You can see a full list of e-mails that has been sent in regards to the booking. You can also click through to view the full e-mail by clicking “View”. You can only view e-mails that have been sent to you.